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Aura Mirabilis

The LE SOIN AURA MIRABILIS beauty ritual from Roger&Gallet is enriched with 18 natural essences of official and distilled plants and extra fine Helianthus flower oil. In four simple steps, the face-care ritual restores, refines skin tone, reduces irregularities, smooths the appearance of wrinkles, and infuses radiance, revealing a beautiful, radiant complexion.

Fleur de Figuier Roger Gallet

Fleur de Figuier


The Fleur de Figuier Range encompasses the fruit and the flower of the fig...The fresh, sweet and subtle composition transports you to the heart of the garden of Esterel, in the south of France. This fragrance reveals the lighter, delicate dimension of the fig flower, whilst the harmony of green and unripe notes portray the purely raw dimension of the fruit... Naturally irresistible!

Gingembre Roger Gallet



The luxuriant magic of a Rajasthani palace garden. Succumb to the exuberance of Indian gardens, allow yourself to be aroused by the magic of maharajahs' palaces, the sensual swish of silk saris and savour a sparkling bouquet of ginger flowers and precious wood mingled with the sensual spices.

Gingembre Rouge Roger Gallet

Gingembre Rouge


Inspired by a stopover in Zanzibar, this energising fragrance reveals the freshness and sensuality of ginger in all its states. Master Perfumer Alberto Morillas was inspired by the idea of contrast when creating the fragrance. He wanted to evoke radically different elements in hte juice; the fresh ginger is vigorous, whilst the ginger flower is incredibly feminie. The result is vibrant and addictive.

Fleur d'Osmanthus Roger Gallet

Fleur d'Osmanthus


Inspired by a garden that feels like Eden, in the heart of the Guilin Valley in China. Across its terraced hills spreads a very rare and precious plant; the Osmanthus. It takes two years for the Osmanthus shrub to grow tiny clusters of apricot-coloured flowers. Fleur d'Osmanthus reveals a cascade of gourmet floral notes with a woody-citrus facet. This explosion of colourful notes, mixed with a juicy apricot scent is deliciously euphoric. Open your heart to this zest for life! 

Bois d'Orange Roger Gallet

Bois d'Orange


An olfactive journey into the Andalucian gardens of the Alhambra in Grenada under the orange trees of the Generalife Palace. Capture the vibrant sunshine, as well as the freshness of the leaf and the fruit, the softness of the flower and the fresh sensuality of orange wood.

Rose Roger Gallet



The exquisite refinement of a mythical flower with a bewitching perfume and silky petals. A magical walk through the splendour of the palaces of Bengal and their delectable gardens, the delicately scented Rose Gentle Fragrant Water invites us to the union of the most beautiful flower with the mystery of amber. The rose fragrant water is inspired by the dream of an Indian garden, like a caress of a silk sari of Bengal, as limpid as the fountains reflecting the palaces of the sultans.

Rose Imaginaire Roger Gallet

Rose Imaginaire


Inspired by the wonders of nature, Rose Imaginaire is an Eau Fraiche with a sensual and refreshing fragrance.Transporting you to three exquisite gardens around the world - the sources of rare and precious essences, enchanting you on a sensorial journey... A garden in Sicily for the delicate fruity freshness of the rosebud,A garden in Egypt to capture the sumptuous softness of the rose petal,A garden in Oceania to reveal the bewitching rose and its timeless elegance.

Cédrat Roger Gallet



Dreaming in the sun…in a Calabrian garden. Succumb to the delights of a walk in a garden in Italy. Fly over the mountainous valleys of Calabria, and plunge into a sparkling harmony of vivacious scents,both appealing to the taste buds and intoxicating. It is here, between sky and sea, that citron exudes its incomparable perfume.

Sublime Or Roger Gallet

Sublime Or


Inspired by the luxurious gardens of the Alhambra, Eau Sublime Or takes you on an exotic olfactory journey. Once sprayed - citrus fruits from Italy refresh and delight, revealing themselves a few minutes after spraying, floral & feminine heart notes of ylang, orange blossom and coconut flower are sublimely sensual. The final touch of glamour & chic - delicate flecks of gold settle on your skin in a subtle shimmer, beautifying the skin with radiance. Does not stain clothing. Bottle designed by Martin Szekely.

Bienfaits Roger Gallet



Combining exceptional vitality of the perfume with blood orange accents, mandarin, bergamot and lemon, aloe vera and kiwi extract. Its formula is non-stick and is enriched with ginseng and vitamin E. It leaves skin feeling soft, radiant and deliciously scented. Spray generously all over your body.

Jean-Marie Farina Roger Gallet

Jean-Marie Farina


1806 - Jean-Marie Farina, heir to the apothecary's formula for Acqua Mirabilis, created Eau de Cologne. Mediterranean freshness inspired by the original garden of Jean-Marie Farina in Santa Maria Maggiore. Discover the fragrances and irresistible freshness of an Italian garden, beside the limpid waters of the Mediterranean, where lemon trees and orange trees burst with sunshine and arouse your body under a refreshing mist sparkling with pleasure.

L'Homme Roger Gallet


A strong, true perfume, for daily use by men, so that the perfume becomes a real way of life; use as the final touch to shaving.

L'Homme Sport Roger Gallet

L'Homme Sport

A fresh, discreet perfume, for daily use by men, so that the perfume becomes a real way of life; as the final touch to shaving. An adjunct to L'Homme, the sole and irreplaceable signature perfume. Faithful to the spirit of the initial juice, but with an original personality. Purer, fresher, L'Homme Sport shows another facet of the modern man.