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Rose  Fragranced Shower Cream

Fragranced Shower Cream packshot from Rose

    Fragranced Shower Cream


    For her.

    Characteristics: Let the pleasure of this floral composition of velvety almond milk transport you into a mysterious garden of Bengal.

    A sensual experience. This shower cream gently awakens all your senses.

    The secret? For the first time, a plant-based recipe of natural origin without sulftates that provides a delicate, creamy and fragrant foam for, soft looking skin!

    This cocobetaine formula is enriched with shea butter - respect for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Its melting texture is soft and enveloping, a pleasure for the skin.

    This shower cream gently immerses you in the delicious and secret sensuality of an Indian garden. Caressing as the silk saris of Bengal, the alliance of rose and peony with a touch of sparkling mandarin and velvety amber and almond milk to give you a divinely relaxing sense of well being.