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Fleur de Figuier  Replenishing Body Lotion

Replenishing Body Lotion packshot from Fleur de Figuier

    Replenishing Body Lotion


    Skin has never been so soft, luscious and deliciously scented!
    Once this body lotion is applied, your skin is infused with fig pulp, its scent equallying its effectiveness ... 24 hours of hydration and long term nutrition. Based on plant origin Fleur de Figuier contains 96% natural ingredients for greater respect for dry and sensitive skin. Its non-greasy texture, absorbs instantly for immediate skin.

    Francis Kurkdjian has created a fresh and delicious fragrance for the body and mind. Initially you are enveloped by the fig leaves crisp aroma and fresh mandarin flowers, then the milk and notes of wood, create a warm and creamy background, this envelops you like a second skin, vibrant and sensual.