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Cédrat  Sorbet Body Lotion

Sorbet Body Lotion packshot from Cédrat

    Sorbet Body Lotion


    For him, for her.

    Characteristics: Succumb to the delights of an Italian garden, at the heart of Calabria, with Cedrat fragrant sorbet body lotion, and plunge into a sparkling harmony of vivacious scents, both appealing to the taste buds and intoxicating. This sorbet body lotion hydrates for 24-hours*. Enriched with a complex of naturally derived oils, aloe vera and citron extract, its light formula instantly melts into a water-like texture. Leaves skin feeling soft and fragranced.

    *Instrumental test.

    In the sunlight, a nectar of citrus fruit essence and fresh waters (cedrat, grapefruit, mint and water fruit), then at the heart of this garden come the refined notes of lovely aromatic plants (cardamon and basil, spiced with an ozone blend) and finally at the earth's crust a delicate alchemy of woody blends (cedar, vetiver, musk and white amber).

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